The Why and the Who
Artist's Statement

This is how I feel about what I do, what I have waited all my life to be able to do.  I have a passion for arts and crafts of any kind and my mind and hand often skip from one medium to another.  Drawing intrigues me the most and I love the beauty of the human face, nature and architecture.  In my art I hope to evoke an emotion, a memory or a response to my work.  Expressing it in black and white presents a special challenge. 

That is my art for my life journey --- born in 1940---great family, wonderful parents---excellent education---convent for 15 years, left in '72 and spent the next 26 years making up for '58 to 72.  Taught 35 years, elementary, junior high, high school---took early retirement in '98 to pursue a life of travel, art, reading and loafing. and caring for my mother.  Have made a good stab at these but I'm not finished yet.  I can now call myself---artist---travel is on hold and reading goes on and on... 


tasted well water
eaten homemade biscuits, beans and fried okra on a tin plate
climbed fences
broken bones
slept in a tree house, in a tent and on the ground
poked sticks in holes looking for crawdads
had horny toads, cats, parakeets, hamsters, fish, mice and dogs for pets
played in the mud
smoked weed sticks that burned and made me cough, smoked other stuff
fished all night and ate the catch cooked on a campfire
walked back roads covered with dust like powder
tasted sun-warmed muskedines, collected bois d'arc balls
picked gooseberries, strawberries, pecans and walnuts
wore flour sack dresses and aprons made by my mother
smelled summer eves as lightning bug bottoms bedazzled my fingers
tied thread to locusts to capture their flight
floated across a river on a ferry boat
floated down a river on an inner-tube
danced on my daddy's feet
know innit and dinnit
found incredible friends
loved and lost
cared for my mother as she died.....

My work is for sale, some originals, mostly giclees. For pricing
please contact me by email. 
If you  have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.