1. "        Lean on Me"  graphite
    " Lean on Me" graphite
    While walking my dog one day I came across an old fence. It seemed that each of the posts was trying to help the other.
  2. "       You've Got Mail"  graphite
    " You've Got Mail" graphite
    An old mailbox my mother and I came across on a Sunday drive. It seemed to be begging for attention.
  3.        "Heiress Apparent"  graphite
    "Heiress Apparent" graphite
    My mother ran across one of my old baby shoes and we built this picture around it. We found her shoes at a Goodwill store and they let us photograph them.
  4.     "Rest in Pieces John Deere' graphite
    "Rest in Pieces John Deere' graphite
    A picture my brother took in western Oklahoma. It seemed so lonely there on the plains so I decided to give it a resting place.
  5.     Ready to Ride"  tinted graphite
    Ready to Ride" tinted graphite
    An experimental piece, done on clay-board and then tinted with ink. The process of using graphite to shade and then building from there is called Grisaille.
  6.           Nevermore"  graphite
    Nevermore" graphite
    As an Edgar Allen Poe fan I always wanted to illustrate one of his works..."Once upon a midnight dreary....."
  7.         "Heir Apparent"  graphite
    "Heir Apparent" graphite
    A companion piece to "Heiress Apparent" It is a rendition for my brother of his and his son's cowboy boots.
  8.               "Profession"
    I did this large picture as a gift for the convent of nuns I used to be a member of. It is a nun's rosary and a book of Gregorian Chant.
"Trois Soeurs"
I did this graphite piece as an experiment in working
with reflective highlights.  It turned out so well
that I entered in in the Gilcrease Museum's
Art in Miniature show and sold it immediately.